Railly&Hill Metal Recovery

Metal Recovery R&D Center

Together with ARP GmbH, Railly&Hill Metal Recovery operates an R&D Center on recovery actions of rare, precious, and industrial metals from mining and industrial residues as well as of primary resources /ores.


It is designed to give the highest grade of flexibility for the treatment of different types of Primary as well as Secondary raw material resources (ores and wastes).


The location is close to the University of Leoben (Austria) and allows mineralogical as well as metallurgical testing actions at lab, technical, and pilot scale.



Main purpose is the evaluation of the recovery potential and economic  viability of individual raw materials (wastes as well as ores) at pilot scale for industrial processing. 


Railly&Hill's R&D Center is one of the few in Europe equipped with very flexible permission to run pilot scale equipment and machinery.


The equipment includes:


1:10 pilot scale testing facilities


- mineral processing

- material preparation

- pyro metallurgy

- hydro metallurgy


but also a large variety of lab scale (1:1000) and technical scale (1:100) testing flacilities for applications in mining and metallurgy.