Railly&Hill Metal Recovery

Project Development and Investment

Railly&Hill Metal Recovery specializes in full scale project development of metal containing industrial and mining tailings/dumps.


Road-map of a typical project development:


    Step 1:     Identification of tailings/dumps from mining/metal processing industries.


    Step 2:     The tailing/dump has to be accessible. The status of ownership of the

                     site has to be clear.


    Step 3:     Samples of the dumped material are collected and thoroughly evaluated.

                     In case there is an economically recoverable content of valuable metals

                     found in the samples, the next steps will be gone.


    Step 4:     All necessary contracts, permits, and licenses are arranged.


    Step 5:     Definition of project partners.


    Step 6:     Planning, engineering, and tendering of a processing plant.


    Step 7:     Investment and implementation.


Two effects should be reached:

             1.    Recovery of valuable metals from dump-material.

             2.    Remediation of the toxic site.